Dental clinics design - Santacreu Design - Barcelona



We design dental clinics, providing a turnkey service with the help of all kinds of industrialists.

In this regard, our projects are comprised of three phases:

  1. Basic Project: this involves the production of a distribution layout and 3D computer graphics of the inside and the outside of the clinic.
  2. Executive Project: this involves gathering the plans required to execute the work and produce all the furniture and fittings.
  3. The on-site control and management of industrialists in order to ensure that the work is executed as planned.

We address all the parts of the interior design of a dental clinic in depth, ranging from general finishes, flooring, coating or linings, furniture and fixtures and particularly lighting, yielding a rational, minimalistic, somewhat unconventional and vibrant dental clinic.

A dental clinic must always breathe an atmosphere of reliability, proximity and the utmost tranquillity, which is why we attach such importance to materials, colours and lighting.

And since we like to keep everything under control, we also produce corporate identity projects and one-off communication campaigns. Creation of logotypes and their respective applications on calling cards, stationery and labelling and signage.

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